Is there Really Such a Thing as Midlife Crisis?

What Happens during a Midlife Crisis?

Experts agree that there is such a thing as a midlife crisis. It usually involves making life-changing decisions in a hurry, no matter what the consequences of the move are to your loved ones. Let’s say that you are a daughter who is living her life in her late twenties. You suddenly received a frantic call from your mom saying that your dad took a huge chunk of their money from the bank, moved to another city and is contemplating divorce! This is one example when midlife crisis prompts a man to take steps to overhaul his life, simply because he is going through some internal changes.

The good news is that midlife crisis does not always involve such dramatic changes. There are some men who go through midlife crisis in stages – where they make smaller decisions over a period of time. However, such changes still affect the quality of life that he is living in general. To give you a deeper understanding of what men generally go through during a midlife crisis, here’s a quick insight into what he may feel:

  • He celebrated his 40th birthday, and he suddenly feels like a changed man.

Call it midlife crisis, an existential crisis or what-not – but once a man hits his forties or fifties, he suddenly feels like a changed man. This prompts him to re-evaluate where he is at the moment, and he might make life-changing decisions to answer a question, albeit belatedly, of who he really is.

  • He feels as if he has dreams which are as yet unrealized, so he takes major steps to shake things up.

When a man hits his forties or fifties, he might feel as if he has unrealized dreams so he takes major steps to shake things up. Although some might feel that it’s too late for them to take a different direction in life, there are some who are not afraid at all to make changes.


How Can I Make Midlife Crisis Easier for Myself & My Family?

Some of the major clues that a man is going through a midlife crisis includes drinking more, having an affair, deciding to leave his family or totally change jobs, deciding to move out of state or to a different country, etc. It might be a natural part of ageing but if you are going through this stage, how can you soften the blow to your family?

The number one thing to remember is that if you suddenly feel like shaking things up, you should not let your heart rule over your mind. Before making a major decision, think about how it would affect your family. Talk your feelings out with a friend who might be going through the same thing. More importantly, ask yourself whether those life-changing decisions that you wish to make are practical or even realistic.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong in going through a midlife crisis, as long as you don’t let it lead to the destruction of the things and relationships that you worked so hard to build over the years.