Mary Gesmundo



I chose to work in community support to be able to care for my patients in their own home at their preferred time. I specialise in wound care, blood pressure monitoring and vital assesment, medication management, intramuscular and subcutaneous injections, stoma management, clinical assessments, personalised support, urinalysis screening, blood sugar monitoring and insulin administration. My clinical assessment skills are also well supported by my experience as a nurse and as a medical scientist. I have worked as Medical Scientist for more than 20 years and this experience has given me special insight when assessing and helping patients with their conditions. I have worked with clients of all the ages and have helped to manage a variety of different medical conditions including diabetes, wounds, chronic diseases and stoma care.

My aim with my service is to always develop the best relationship with my clients by communicating well to uncover actual patient’s needs and ensure a follow up happens to ensure satisfactory patient outcome. I go the extra mile for all of my patients and work to fulfill their needs to the best of my ability. I am a very gentle and caring person who is always willing to listen to my patient’s wishes and needs.

Marion Sullivan